The NMMRO received an award from MSF and DOT for all the work we do to promote Safety Awareness in our state and for providing support to motorcycle crash victims through our biker down program.  The National Guard also gave us a US flag for honoring our flag and veterans at our Bike Day at the Capital.      The award was presented at our annual Motorcycle Advisory Safety Program Committee Meeting this week. In attendance was the Motorcycle Safety Foundation, Department of Transportation, MSF Rider Coach's, local dealership and the University of New Mexico Traffic Research Unit who keep track of crash and statics for our state.     This year we have a new MSF coordinator Dan Orchowski who is trying to bring the major players in our community together who can have a positive impact in our community to lower crash rates  promote safety awareness. We have been very impressed with Dan and his ideas moving forward. This year was more of a workshop to bring ideas from all perons in attendance.     There are about 61,877 licensed motorcycles in NM with about 1000 motorcycle crashes each year. Ten years of data was reviewed with an increase in crashes, 2011 was the worst year in crashes for New Mexico. 2% of all crashes in New Mexico involve a motorcycle. Bernalillo had the highest rate of crashes, with Dona Anna second then Santa Fe, Otero and San Juan county to follow. Saturday was the day of highest motorcycle crashes with Friday to follow. The highest crash rates by age were the 20 -24 year old, second was the 25-29 year old, 3rd was the 30-34 year old then fourth was 50-54 year old. Excessive speed was the number one contributing factor for fatal or serious motorcycle crashes with drug and alcohol to follow.     One of the top topics discussed was promoting  basic rider and advanced rider training to enhance rider skills to all ages. We have always concentrated on the campaigns such as watch out for motorcycles which we will continue; but it is just as important that we also promote rider responsibility. With enhanced riding skills there are many factors that we as riders can be aware of to avoid or prevent a crash.